Make more money with your rental

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Get paid by local businesses when your renters sign up to emazeMe
and buy deals from any of your favorite local hot spots!

Our mission is to support local communities by bringing together
consumers, businesses, and non-profits in order to keep more money local.

Consumers - Businesses - Non-profits

Discover and organize your favorite local businesses into lists that you can easily share with your renters.

Discover and organize

Here's how you get paid

Sign up for free and add your place. It's super quick and easy.
Create a list and add your favorite local places around your space ...
Don't worry if your favorite place doesn't currently have a deal. They might
have one in the near future.
Share your list with renters on where to go, eat, shop & play!
Your renter signs up with emazeMe and buys a deal from a place on your list.
We send you money from the deals that your renters buy. Yep, that’s it!
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